Serbia is a country located in Southeastern Europe (the Balkans) and Central Europe (Pannonian Plain). Serbia on its northern borders with Hungary, the east with Romania and Bulgaria to the south with Macedonia and Albania, and on the west by Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatian.

The capital’s two-million Belgrade.

Serbia is a country full of surprising contrasts, which offers tourists a genuine warmth and hospitable welcome. Among the latest is detected tourist destinations of Europe, and becomes more and more interesting for tourists who are looking for new, different values and beauty, because it  have something to offer. Serbia is a country of natural beauty and charm, cultural and historical monuments, rich tradition, a country that offers an experience that will remember. This is a country of hospitable people, romantic nature, modern cities, attractive villages, rivers and lakes, mountains and meadows, spas and monasteries, the country which have not yet met…



DAY 1Belgrade

Waiting guests at the airport „Nikola Tesla“, transfer in the comfortable tour bus or minibus to the hotel, hotel accommodation Felkensteiner ****, dinner and overnight.

DAY 2-Belgrade

Breakfast and sight seeing of Belgrade with a local guide in the open tourist bus. Visit the Kalemegdan fortress – the oldest cultural and historical monument and fort of Belgrade. Walk through Knez Mihailo – the main street and the pedestrian zone of Belgrade. Dinner and overnight.



DAY 3-National park „Djerdap“(“Iron Gate”) -Kladovo

Breakfast, leaving the hotel and departure for Kladovo. Tour-Viminacijum, the locality „Lepenski vir“ ride through the national park Djerdap, arrival to Kladovo, hotel accommodation in“ Aquastar Danube „****, dinner, free time, overnight.

DAY 4 -Kladovo

Breakfast, riding a tourist boat river Danube. Back at the hotel, free time, dinner and overnight.



DAY 5 – Prolom

Breakfasts, leaving the hotel, continue your journey through Nis (lunch in Nis)

Prolom Banja. Accommodation in hotel „Radan“, dinner

 DAY 6 – Prolom spa

Breakfast and departure to “Devil’s Town”, a tour of the localities, return to the hotel, dinner and overnight


Day 7 – Zlatibor

Breakfast, leaving the hotel, continue your journey through Krusevac, Kraljevo, Cacak and Uzice to Zlatibor.Check-in Zlatibor, accommodation in hotel „Mona“ ****, free time, dinner, overnight.

Day 8 – Zlatibor

Breakfast and departure to Mokra Gora, riding the famous „Sargan Eight“, a tour of ethno village „Drvengrad“ our famous film director Emir Kusturica, return to the hotel, free time, dinner, overnight.

DAY 9- Belgrade

Breakfast, leaving the hotel, departure to Belgrade with  visits to the Ethno village Sirogojno and Zlakusa where we can see the hole process  making  the dishes gline.Break  in Gornji Milanovac where we will visit the house of a Norwegian-Serbian friendship.

Arrival in Belgrade, hotel accommodation and travel to the famous bohemian quarter „Skadarlija“ where, with musical orchestra organized a farewell evening.

Return to hotel, overnight.

DAY 10

Breakfast, leaving the hotel, transfer to the airport „Nikola Tesla“, parting with hosts and completion of the program.





The package price includes:

-          Accommodation based on 9 half board (3 half board at Felkensteiner **** in Belgrade, 2 overnights in hotel Aquastar Danube **** in Kladovo, 2 overnights in hotel „Radan“ *** Prolom Spa and 2 overnights in hotel „Mona“ on Zlatibor ****), and a gala dinner with music program in the „Skadarlija“ last evening.

-          Shipping comfortable tourist bus or minibus 10 days of stay.

-          Guide service in English and Norwegian or Swedish.

-          Payment for tickets to all destinations listed in the program (open bus ride around Belgrade, location „Viminacijum“ and „Lepenski vir“ ride along the Danube tourist boat on the fourth day stay, the site „Devil’s Town“, museum and tourist railways ride „Sargan Eight“ tickets for Ethno village „Drvengrad“ and „Sirogojno“.

The package price does not include:

-          Individual passenger expenses and all services not mentioned


The program was developed on the basis of 20 passengers






-          BELGRADE Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. The first settlements in the wider territory of Belgrade dating from prehistoric Vinca, 4800 BC. Belgrade itself was founded by the Celts in the 3rd century BC, before he became Roman settlement Singidunum. Slovenian name „Belgrade“ (meaning “WhiteCity”) was first recorded in 878 years. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia since 1405. and was the capital of various South Slav states from 1918 to 2003, as well as Serbia and Montenegro from 2003 to 2006.

-          DJERDAPSKA KLISURA (“Iron Gate gorge”) and national park DJERDAP (one of the five in Serbia) The Iron Gate is the largest and longest gorge in Europe. It is located between Romania and Serbia. Iron Gate consists of four alternating valleys and 4 gorges.

-          KLADOVO Kladovo inevitably linked to the Iron Gate, the largest and most beautiful gorge of Europe. Kladovo, the small town in the far east of Serbia, which is increasingly visited by tourists wishing to discover the beauty and wealth of history

-           DEVIL’S TOWN Devil’s Town is located in the south of Serbia, in the heart of the mountain Radan, 27 km from Kuršumlije. This is a strange place names and the miraculous appearance, with 202 pyramids of earth covered with stone caps that science called andesitic . Pyramids of earth or as the locals called „towers“ are high from 2 to 15m and   wide from 0.5 m to 3 m.

-          ZLATIBOR Mount Zlatibor and air spa, with a long tradition, is located in western Serbia, 230 km south-west of Belgrade. The average altitude is 1000 m. The miraculous climate of Zlatibor is good for the treatment of bronchial asthma and other allergic diseases, thyroid gland, heart disease and anemia. In the immediate vicinity and at the Zlatibor, there are numerous cultural, historical and ethnological monuments and attractions that we visit

-          ŠARGANSKA OSMICA („Sargan Eight“) One of the most beautiful railways in the world, from1974.The train is nowadays operated as a tourist attraction. Steam locomotive makes its way through rocky gorges, slashes, and the route of the railway line which says an unusual path in the shape of the number eight, so it is called „Sargan Eight“. The railroad is long 13,5km, passes through 22 tunnels and over a dozen bridges and viaducts.

-          DRVENGRAD (“WoodenTown”)Near the „Sargan eight“ – narrow gauge railway on the mountain Sargan, there is a fairytale rise-Mećavnik. At this unique place is famous artist and film director Emir Kusturica built specifically ethno-village and the Film Academy „Kustendorf“ or „Wooden Town“ – Kustendorf, as his „life’s work“.

-          SIROGOJNO Old village Sirogojno is museum under the open sky. On five acres of space housed 47 buildings that preserve the spiritual heritage of Serbian villages of mountainous areas. About 2,000 exhibits on display in the ethno village, apartment accommodation in log cabins, houses, souvenir shop to the inn, leave an unforgettable impression and wonderful memories that over 100,000 visitors a year, take with them from Sirogojno.

-         NORWAY HOUSE- GORNJI  MILANOVAC Norway House in Gornji Milanovac is a symbol of friendship Serbian and Norwegian people created in the Second World War. It was built in 1987. by architect Aleksandar Djokic. The house consists  90% of wood, while the rest is made of glass. All lumber was cut and processed in Norway, and in Gornji Milanovac finished elements are mounted just as they were numbered. Its shape is a blend of traditional Serbian houses and Viking ship. In this house is settled a museum exhibition with photographs and exhibits from the Nazi concentration camp in Norway. During World War II, in these camps died 2340 of a total of about 4,000 enslaved Yugoslavs, among whom were Serbs (of 3840), of whom 39 were from Gornji Milanovac.